Room Rentals

We offer you the possibility to book Sucrerie Chiasson or L’Érablière du Village to host your staff parties, family reunions and other gatherings in a rustic and warm environment.

Sucrerie Chiasson offers approximately 140 seats, while L’Érablière du Village can accommodate a hundred people.

In season

During the sugar season, we offer you to reserve for groups either for dinner or for supper. We offer a choice of brill, BBQ chicken or chicken soup (2 of the 3 menus), or you can choose the brunch.

Off season

When the sugar season is over, it is still possible to rent Sucrerie Chiasson or L’Érablière du Village to hold your events. Although catering service is not offered, you can use the kitchen to prepare meals yourself or to call the caterer of your choice.

Centre de production

Sucrerie Chiasson (Chemin des buttes)

Sucrerie Chiasson (toit rouge)