Sucrerie Chiasson Maple Products

Sucrerie Chiasson offers a selection of delicious maple products locally made ​​from the maple water harvested from their maple land.

Ask about the scrumptious maple products gift baskets that will delight everyone.

List of products

4 L syrup
2 L syrup
1 L syrup
500 ml syrup
375 ml syrup 
250 ml syrup 
Butter, caramel, taffy,fondu, jelly, meringue, maple cream cone
Hard sugar,granulated sugar
Soft sugar

Equipment Retail

Sucrerie Chiasson is also an CDL equipment supplier for commercial or personal sugar bushes.

We offer several pieces of equipment, like the pipes to collect the sap, glass bottles, canister and lids or even boilers, just to name a few.

Contact Marc Chiasson for more details.

Centre de production

Sucrerie Chiasson (Chemin des buttes)