For the month of June, the opening hours of our store located at 1873 Rue Bellechasse in Paquetville are from Tuesday to Thursday from 9 am to 16 pm, you can buy syrup or maple products.
You can also buy our maple products in most grocery stores on the Acadian Peninsula.
If you are a maple syrup or even a birch producer, you can also buy parts and equipment from our store, since we are distributor of CDL maple syrup equipment.
To reach us by phone dial 506-764-3280.

Welcome to Sucrerie Chiasson!

Sucrerie Chiasson offers a selection of maple products like maple butter, maple sugar and caramel, not to mention the delicious maple syrup certified organic.

With its two locations, Sucrerie Chiasson can accommodate nearly 250 people on their popular brunch that will satisfy all appetites, with as much maple syrup as you want for no extra charge.

Furthermore, what better than a "licherie", a decadent tasting of deliciously warm maple syrup and exquisite maple taffy on ice.

In addition to welcoming you for brunch during the season, Sucrerie Chiasson offers the option to reserve one of our two rooms to hold meetings of all kinds. And a catering service is now available on site!

Contact us for more information!

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Sucrerie Chiasson (Chemin des buttes)

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